The wisdom of dawn of training


When beginning to train, go for 20 days none stop training – Usually it’s better for the body to take 1 day off a week. But if you want to dramatically improve your skill and body then train for 20 days non-stop. This method is a fast track to Athlete Stamina and Endurance.

Shred and tame your muscles – you need to ache a lot! Ache is different from pain. You need to know the difference. Pain is bad. Ache is good. If you’re not aching, you’re not progressing. Train through what you feel till it becomes normal.

Shred and tame your lungs – you are training anaerobically. This word literally means “living without air”, you need to push yourself so hard that you are at your limit. It’s hard to do by yourself and you need to be careful and stay safe. Train with someone or a group who are a little bit bfaster than you.. In your mind each day is the desire to close that gap, catch and finish with one of them, you see yourself not a slow person but as a hunter! This is why this is not suitable for beginners to jump into a pride of lions, you have to built up to it, beginning with your spirit, time and state of mind. This type of training is for runners who already know their bodies and want to take their ability to the next level.

Do more than you think you can – Just when you get to the point where you feel you can’t do anymore, do more. When you do 20 push ups, do 21. When you get to the end of your run, sprint. Remember, weakness must never be whats speaks on the behalf of your spirit. You have no weakness, only thoughts of weakness. Clear them, so your strength and all the good in you can grow.

Whatever your goals are, take small steps – Start off by setting yourself small targets and build from there. If you haven’t ran for along time then don’t expect to be able to run for 2hrs straight away. Run 30 to 40min, then dare to touch the ceiling of an hour.

Recovery – This potion of the day is very important, if ignored, the longevity of the body gets shortened by injuries. Get deep tissue massages even when you think you don’t need it. Hydrate even when you think you don’t need water. Invest also in stretching, legs lengthening and strengthening. And never forget about your core, the amount of energy thats hidden there can do astonishing things.


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