My life journey is long

My journey I used to think it was like of every Kenyan runner. Train hard, go out of the country, win races  come back home, be a role model, live a decent life, support your siblings, relatives and those who push you in training.

At first it was like that and I strongly dedicated all my heart and soul on it, I ran hard, won races, tried doing everything right but it never felt right, I kept on feeling something was missing. When I stared deeper on most of the accomplished Kenyan runners, I saw how many of them ended up very poor, and losing most of what they ran so viciously for, only to remain with carcass of old trophies and medals.

For me  It took a halting injury to truly realize and become the warrior I was born to be, and since then I’ve never felt peace, joy and strength of this kind.

What I’m able to do here is a fulfillment of a dream. A dream that I could not understand for so many years, for it disguised itself behind running. What I didn’t know running was just a bridge that was meant to lead me to know what exactly I can be when I stop.  that glorious day I was compelled to make a choice, and since then I live to honor what I believe it’s my destiny. For the greatest discovery in life is discovery of purpose,  there’s an intentional reason why we exist.

The birds and animals to plant trees. The river and the ocean to feed the tree. The rock to strengthen wherever it may firmly placed. I although I’m thousands of miles from my village where being a warrior makes sense, here the warrior lives within my skin and do what no one does here, because life brought me here for a reason where I’m needed as a person than I can ever be needed or cherished in my village.

You have a purpose too, but most of us never find it, because our culture was created to give us a career. We all have a gift that we are born with that never can be tamed or stolen because it’s what we were sent to this life to bring and become, i like to think of my gift as an instrument that help others.

When you find something that you really good at, and you’re never tired of doing it no matter how many hours it keeps you standing. That is your calling in life. Your purpose is a thing that you love to do, and its a thing you have natural passion and strength for, and it never have a battle with you.

A bird gets energy from flying, a fish gets energy from swimming, when you do what you’re destined to do it will actually give you energy, this is how I feel with my work. If what you do is killing you and you always complain about it, and feeling lost, then you’re not on your purpose. It’s in the dream you always have, it’s not on what you were taught to do, but born to do. Maybe you need to travel to a different place, for sometimes it’s the sacrifice you must make to shine the brightest, just like how your parent saw in you when you smiled when you were little. It’s what I did, and no day in my life the Sun has ever dimmed, failed to rise since I found my purpose.

Running will always remain a glorious part of me that I can never betray, even when in thousand tons of hurt is upon me,  for running it’s like a God to me, it gives me friends, teaches me, humbles me, and takes me places I never dream of going. My purpose is my heaven and I cherish both of them because it’s why I exist. With these gifts there’s no reason not be at peace or grateful.


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