Learn the wisdom that will make you live and perform better


Don’t only run, but also understand what makes you run and better. I’m not talking about what you’re running for. I mean what makes you move. From your health, diet, discipline, focus, dwelling on the positive state of mind, therapy for injury prevention and body conditioning, stretching for flexibility and endurance, strength training and so much more.

If you’re distance runner, avoid building too much muscle, you’re not a sprinter, because when your strength gets tired your will can only help you to finish, because your endurance is left to carry the weight in your body: Remember, running is not about the shoes or supplements, its all about training hard and dedication. Learn all the wisdom that welds and hones a champion and you’ll be great at it even if finishing a race is your goal.

We’re all champions in our own ways, and like champions we seek to become, viciously and wisely we must train. Remember, there are two paths of every athlete, one leads to life changing victory and the other leads to heartbreaking injury. You and only you, must decide your fate by how you train.
Keep in mind too that there are two kinds of pain. The pain of discipline and the other is the pain of regret.


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