The hungry warrior


Sometimes I go for days without food, but I’ll be taking water, tea and maybe fruits. Its one of the habit a warrior emulates from the animal kingdom to tame his feelings and humble himself like the quiet wind in the dark. If you’re close to me I may have told you the whole story of the 11days of the treacherous and ravenous journey of meeting your one and true ”Anima” (Spirit).

The purpose is for a warrior to imagine and pretend he has eaten well when he has no food. The meaning of that purpose is (One must put on a brave display even in adversity smile emoticon

Those who make it to the end become very resilient warriors, they can see their soul as if it was the reflection of the in the calm river – or (Mirror) In those 11days you will meet many parts of you, the ones you hear their voices each day, the ones that yell, cry and react at everything, often in form of feelings. Because of hunger, the torment gets louder and louder with each day, but you must pass them because they’re only phases meant to be passed. The more you pass them, the more you learn and discover yourself, your hear will begin to unlock and so is the mind. The anima will charge out of the heart to roar and silence whats in the mind, and the quietness in the mind will become a room for wisdom.

Life after that long journey will be better than in anytime you’ve ever lived in the past or dreamt you will be in the future. It will be a gift of knowing to keep your mind without wrath, and don’t show anger at your face. Do not get anger even if others differ from you. Understanding that everyone has his heart and opinion. His right may be your wrong, your right may be his wrong. You are not necessarily a sage. He is not necessarily a fool. All of us are mediocre people. Who can distinguish right from wrong without fail? All of us are wise and fool, like a ring has no end. Therefore if others get anger, think about your error. Even if you have a firm opinion, listen to others opinion carefully If you want a peaceful life.
Be hungry for what you want to become.


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