Living in this reality


Back in Kenya before life decided to give me that 1 of its big 5 chances, running was all I knew it will take me far, back home and abroad those who were faster than me, or have had World or Olympic medals, we were all just runners. Only when we went out the name professional athlete were referred to us. To me I saw myself the way I’ve always seen myself, not professional but being what I was doing.. An athlete.

My sage elders before they all passed they said that one day I will become brave and move so far to chase my dream, I never knew what they meant or why they said it, but their answer was once you’re away and far away you’ll have a spiritual awakening, we will not be in this life but our spirit will always be with you.. Growing up my life was a journey of many turns, and one of the turns led me to a very place that I was once foretold that I will find myself. ”Here”.

I took running seriously because I wanted to save my sister from the rheumatic heart disease she was facing, and with my warrior background I had no choice but to make my body an instrument that will run and save her… I never look into the future and desire its fame that so many dream about, maybe in another lifetime I told myself. I believe there are many realities and we’re just living one of them. For me I like to think the past has one of me, today I am who I am and where I am, and the future me will be somewhere else that I don’t know, just like my past self never knew what I will live to become today. All I know is, my reality that I will always remember is the warrior that I am. I know there will be many challenges and I will loose many things in the future, even people, but cherishing them now is all I can do, for here allows me to be there for them. 

I do not worry of failure or how scary things may get in the future,  for I know i’ll keep on working hard to improve. Just like when you lift at the gym, the heavier the weight, the stronger the muscle gets. Life is like that too. When you take on life’s struggles, challenges and difficulties and work through them, that’s when you improve and grow. All I know is the only thing you lose, is the love you don’t give. This day and all days of your life, why not let your love shine!

Wherever I will be people will see me, think of me and call me what they want to, but it must never change my entity. I will never wish for the future because I will be there, but as long as I live and breathe I will always be in this life. There will be many happenings of good and bad, but whatever they may be they’ll all be for purpose of transforming me, they’re all part of my life’s journey. Don’t be one of those who wait for the future so they can live their best life, today is a reality that it is not wise to ignore. You can easily decide to live that life today as if you only have today. Don’t want the other you to have all the fun and joy, let it be you at this moment. Be committed to something that is an extension of your life.

When I look at my life, I don’t want to know it as only a journey, This is the only life we will ever know. Why not make it everything you want it to be?. Why not create your own fate? There are infinite possibilities for what our lives can be, but only one reality we can live in, and only one we will ever know. Make sure you choose to live the one you want, doing the things you must, and like a warrior working on things you strongly believe it is your destiny to fulfill them. In this reality say and do good things. People always remember what you said and did to them.


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