Story about God


We are all in service to each other, we are all one no matter which part of the world you’re in or from. Religions divide us with claims my god is better than yours, my god even sent his son to save me, my god is this and that, my religion is better than yours. Love energy within us is the true religion we should use it to speak to one another with it.

There is this one story about God speaking with his angels about his frustration he has on man of how he ruins and hurts himself, and constantly complaining, begging and fighting all the time even with himself he beats himself down with sadness, anger and regrets for something thats long gone. and God says to the angel, I must hide from man, where should I hide? and one of the angels says go hide on the highest mountain in the world, and God replied I’ve seen the future and Man will brave the cold I’ve placed there and he will find me no matter how difficult or steep I’ll sharpen that mountain, the man will not give up to reach me. And one of the other angels scratched her head and said what if you hide on the depths of the deepest part of the ocean, and God nodded his head side to side and Man will built machines and he will risk his life and come and find me. One of the other angels decided to be clever and said Ha’ hide in the moon on the parts he cannot see, he will never reach you up there, and God shook his head and said, he will build spaceships and he will come and find me.

Then the angels spoke to one another trying to figure out where else man cannot go even if God is there, and they found out a very perfect place for God to go, and they told God, hide inside the mange will never look for you there, and God said you guys are right, let us all go hide there. For thousands of years, man has climbed, sunk, flew in search of God and never found him, then man decided to build places of worship and call it the house of God, he even travelled around the world collected stories that he wanted to believe are gods word and he put all of them together and called it word of God.

Funny thing is, man knows God is in him and in all of us, but man still decides to say God is in a church, mosque, or in heaven. The more man continues to confuse himself about God, the more crazier he becomes. The love you have, the energy you have put it all in things you enjoy doing, the things that shapes your life, and something good will happen, success will come to you.. Something that you and I know if God truly exists he wants us to have that, but to have those things we want is not by praying, hoping and begging but having the will formed by love and energy we have within us.

God likes to make things to life but he cannot do that without us willing to work for it. Just like the making of a child. Feel the energy, feel the love and connection will make things happen. Include the people around you in pursue and building of your dreams. Enjoy them and yourself, be peaceful with them and yourself. We don’t need ancient books to teach us how God wants us to live, worship or fight for. Worship your wife, sing songs of praises about life, about nature, about family and friends and everything that is joyful to you that you can actually touch, hug, kiss, play with. Fight poverty and negativity that is in the life around you, live and love, thats all that can make us good.


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