Speak to empty your heart

liontwins.jpg When in a any relationship, it is not wise to bottle the resents of the little things, but be brave to talk about it, for the heart is a fragile bottle not meant to storing such poisonous things because it will not be able to contain the festering.

We all know too well that when we hoard negative emotions, no matter how much we cry and hope we will not be able to empty it. The wisest thing in life that calms even the wildest of beasts is mastering the art of communication. Even in the animal kingdom, when the roars becomes too much, tearing each other apart will follow, us humans share the same fate too, but ours can be twice as dishearting and calamitous, than in the animal kingdom, for our wounds are not carried in our skin, but in our hearts, and there they will forever be felt and remembered, and even alter our humane view on life, ourselves and others.

Always speak of what bothers you, before it becomes what breaks and destroys you and what you have.


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