Have no fear but love

Fear is the cause of everything. It created Gods and Evil. There’s only heaven which is where are, and there’s hell in the deeds we do to it, hell is created by fear too. Let us build the future with love, so we complete our life knowing all the strength we gave, all breaths we breathed, all thoughts we had created peace and joy.

The generations to come must remember as pioneers of great things, and not racism, hate, foolishness and fear that created terrible and futile wars. Remember it is not a wish to any parent to raise a monster, we shouldn’t either raise ourselves as monsters. We have mindfulness, grace and love to guide us from becoming these monsters. I’m not a believer of any religious God, I only believe in Love and Good, for it makes us easily embrace each other and speak one language without confusion but peace.

We’re all leaves of the same tree, and it is a fate of every leaf to fall, and when the leaf has fallen it gets carried away by the wind, but the spirit of the leaf will still remain in what may embrace it, and thats all that we are.. Fragile leaves. Unlike the tree, the most amazing thing about us is that we have the ability to control the season, we can choose not to leave the tree naked branches looking like carcasses. If you’re going to have fear, then fear to hurt others, for you’ll be hurting more than them, you’ll be hurting the heart and souls of the future.


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