Most beliefs are illusions

It is because of others and the nature around us, we become able to know and understand ourselves. But sadly we’ve let our defenses engulf us. We lose touch of human reality when we stop learning, accepting and growing. When one begin to let go (freeing oneself…) then self-realization follows. Then what is disintegrated can be integrated. We have to breakdown and tore ourselves apart (acceptance of who we really are) that we begin to understand the coming and going of events in our lives. It is completely surrendering to the devine nature(Our Spirit).

Then things can start work on its own, because life has no point like ours, which we see them in form of limits, dreams, destination, fulfillment. It is wise sometimes to consider life is about moving on, a continuation of a journey, instead of settling on losses and setbacks, or the biggest illusion of all that we call heartbreaks which we trap ourselves in.

We all have different paths in life. We all are meant to be taught by pain, some will be weakened by it and some will be strengthened by it. We all are invested by the plan that only reveals on its own in our experiences…and really no one can explain that or describe that except us. We can make this life far more better than it already is if will can only wake up and abandon this doorless and windowless home (Belief) that we think is our home where we find solace.

Let me share with you something that warriors live by, Emotion is something that wants somewhere to live, but the spirit is something that wants somewhere beyond here to go on and on and on, for the spirit is something that hates to be trapped in one place. Thats why life is called a journey, and when you’re spirited you’ll be able to enjoy the journey and live your lifetime to the fullest, because you learned, you went, you explored, you cherished, you fulfilled more than dreams, you inspired more than you tried to, you ran into things you never thought nor dreamed you could ever see, you did wonderful things and so much more, you felt the greatest and you grew in love. Here is the interesting part, Earth is in space, we’re and live in piece of heaven, you find an angel and together you create happiness.


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