Mothers wisdom

Ever since I was a young boy I was taught to be dedicated to live a life of use to others, so I can exist in those who I touched and changed their lives even when I’m gone. I don’t believe there’s a better place awaiting us in another life, for me a better place is here and what I try each day to create.

When I was young my lovely mother once told me I was her gift and I will grow up to be a gift to many who will understand and need my efforts; each day I try to be what she saw in me, challenging my limits and myself, understanding my weakness and forgiving myself, not forgetting to live the simple life like the humble soul in me that feeds me with wisdom. I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful woman in my life guiding me when growing up.

One of the greatest lessons she ever taught me was to be joyful as much because this world we live in is a place of life, live to the fullest each day like a lion with no fear. Make sacrifices when you must and humble yourself like a tortoise.

When you run, see the spirit of the blistering pace, the spirit of endurance, climb the mountains till the spirit of the mountain and endurance accepts your effort and it will become one with you. Everything in life has a spirit, seek the spirit that rewards you, strengthens and adds joy and victory in your life.

She warned me without believing, training, and seeking, this spirit that makes one a champion will not enter your body. Never linger to bring everything out that powers you to use, and most of all let your heart be the home of these great spirits, and you will never be tired nor fail to love, or do anything it wants you to do. Remember a champion is he who greets his challenges with a great spirit.


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