You’re made of greatness

Before you do or say something, think first if you would want it to be said or done unto you. Remember, mindfulness is warriors constant companion. And being a warrior is not a character or something that you should rest, forget or break or easily abandon because your feelings has changed or something you need has taken time away from your efforts.

A warrior is someone you always are and should be in everything you say or do, for it is the spirit within you and everything that you’re made of.

You’re more than your feelings and you’re more than what happens to you. You’re made to adapt and triumph. You’re made of energy so don’t root in your mind that you’re weak, ugly, worthless, broken, finished or old. You must’nt takebyour existence for granted nor upon the negativity that bumps your life. You’re made of love and wisdom. Your beauty, love and strength should always come from within. This is the backbone of all great warriors, and one of them is you.


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