Imagine how wonderful your surround would be if you worked to make it peaceful

john-lennon-imagine-lyrics-meaning-6I’m sorry if this offends you, but truth is i’m not a fan of a religious God. I just believe God is in a form of good and love, a deed that we show to ourselves and to one another and not a supernatural entity commanding people to pick up arms and fight one another to the bitter bloody end for him. In all scriptures I’ve read this God seems to be very temprous and very angry and passionate about killing and massacre just to prove his worthless point, its been thousands of years since these books we call his has been forced and passed down everywhere around this innocent world we’re supposed to call beautiful home, and yet wherever it lands bloodshed is the results.

We’re too swift to say the bible say, the quran say, yet forgetting to look deeply to who is really saying it, being honest who wrote this madness that has made us hate and fear one another so much. These books we use to judge one another will only cause our future to look the same as our past.. Religion makes us primitive.

All I know is that Evil is the culprit behind that idea to hurt another human being. To my fellow earthlings of the middle east, Quit fighting for God, he gains nothing when women and children are suffering. Think about your families, neighbors, city, town, schools where your children have to learn about creating life, strength and success, think about your farms where you grow your food, stores you buy your food, think about your home, children and livestock that you depend on.

Imagine being alive without all that. God is just something human made so they can control other people with fear, and that after life there will be a reward or punishment. Cant you see were ruing this life but desiring and fearing what we truly don’t know and completely made up?

Theres no joy to be alive without a home or peace. Human are not meant to hunt each other, theres no joy living in fear and bullets flying around and bombs killing innocent people.. Death is destined to come for us all, lets not be the ones who determines who gets to live and die because a certain God said some people from other places are infidels, sinners or whatever the reason this god instructs you to hate them for.

Just imagine how peaceful and happy your lives would be if you could stop hating in the name of religion. Imagine living in houses and not caves, imagine grass and food growing around you and not sand and barren rocks and bullet shells. Imagine walls of your homes with windows and not bullet holes. Imagine seeing your children actually learning something important like science, becoming a doctor, great athlete, business person, and not burying them.

Imagine a playing ground full of kids playing to the thrill of their hearts and joy of their souls and best of their ability, and not walking around like orphan homeless lost pets starving till their ribs looks like a carcass of an old railroad. Imagine yourself standing in the edge of the playground cheering and happily seeing your children playing, not you weeping on a cementary filled with your children, friends, family and loved ones. Children are meant to play and learn, not fight or hate.

Imagine hearing the beautiful and soothing sound of your lovely wife laughing, and not crying and dying. Imagine a hospital without wounded fathers, mothers and children. Imagine a hospital where a woman give birth safely and not in the dirt. Imagine theres peace outside your house and you can wake up anytime of day or night and stand outside without fear of being shot down.

Imagine all this and be brave to let go all your anger and blindness of your religion and make peace happen.. We are humans, not animals. All you’re fighting for is nothing but inheritance of hatred that was passed down to you, and blindly taught to you. Empty your religion out of your mind and let true compassion of humanity be your strength and belief.


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