Spirit makes everything float.

10405433_10205307152577676_364843844990466792_nPractice a lot and you will improve, but remember one cannot practice well if the mind is not calm. The heart has the energy, but the power of the mind may block the energy of the hearts from being experienced. The thing is, the mind thinks its better alone, but one thing in life is no one is better alone. The energy of the heart and the power of the mind must be combined and channelled through the body with the aim doing more than best.

Training begins within, so everything outside will not be feared but conquered. Train as if it is your life long pursuit. Leave your worries behind, for when you have nothing to worry about, you progress fast. When climbing hills, see it as form of meditation, turn the hill from your enemy or the punisher it seems into a teach and giver of strength.

Think of how beautiful everything will seem beneath when you’re at the top, control your breathing so your body will not lose its form, feel the energy leaving your core into your arms and legs, let your stride grab and bounce on the ground as if you’re on a play. Don’t waste your breaths, nor tighten your face or body. Be in motion with your body, let this motion move the earth and everything around you. Don’t force your breathing because the mind will think you’re dying and cause the body to slow down unto a pace that will frustrate you. But breathe with grace and run gracefully but with determination of a hunter. Practice how to use your eyes as a navigator, set them to map where your strides will follow, you mustn’t think of it but simply connect with it.

Train like you just began and with confidence of you’re about to finish. The speed of your movement should look like happiness and sadness in life. Happy movements are fast, yet they disappear in a blink of the eyes. In order to have happiness, you have to endure a long process of hardship, this is a right of passage that will forever remind you why you’re joyful and happy in what you do.

Train with immense passion, dedication and unwavering commitment if a champion is who you seek to become. For to lean or sculpt your body or make it fast takes is an uphill battle and unforgiving sheer hard work. Remember, training is about, you practice, you suffer, you steel yourself, you become better runner and person to self and others. Train the mind to align with inner self and you will have more power. When you train the mind and consciousness to optimize the physical condition, you’ll become better in what you do.

Train with a very calm mind, so your mind can become one with your core energy. Do not fight anything, but simply master them. Train till you feel the movement of the ground and the wind in your feet. Abandon your worries, but only carry your confidence. It doesn’t matter the height of the hill or mountain you’re climbing, what matters is you adjust to the height of the hill or mountain you’re climbing. Have the belief, have the courage, fluent your posture, loosen your shoulder and give them a purpose to propel you forward, and the spirit to go on and on will be with you. The spirit in you possesses the ability to make you a warrior and a giant, all you have to do is summon it.

Training opens us deeper unto our hearts, but first you must open yourself to your heart, and you’ll realize you’re becoming much happier, active, healthier and confident.

When you have training set before you, face it with a state of mind that believe in the end of this I will come out better than I begun. Every thought you have, everything you say to yourself, every breath and stride you take is energy. Be one with everything, for everything is energy. Everything that you do must have a purpose, for when purpose is broken the body will fall apart and into hurt. Remember, you’re made of energy, harvest it to you fulfill your goals and dreams. Spirit makes everything float.

To know what stills you, improves you, strengthens you and fills you, is a wish of a warrior. I hope some of these ways will be applied into your way of life.


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