Bring who you are within to the world outside

10003989_10205306992813682_1464690058839637226_nSome plants can be tricked to believe the source of light they have is true, but someday they grow to realize that they can’t get any taller and fully bloom like they meant to, for the light that they’ve been depending on it isn’t enough and the sunlight they have it isn’t real.

Deep inside a room thats beneath the ground their life has no value to the true life outside where the Sun truly shines. Anything and anyone can be tricked into believing a lie. Many of us share the same miserable fate with this plant.

We’re fed with something that we think its good, but truth is what we feed on what confines us from a life of freedom and to expressing the beauty of our spirit to the outside world where the Sun shines truly and fully to those who want to grow and blossom like they’re meant to. Don’t be like this plant. Have something thats bigger than yourself or anyone. Have love and life for its precious than all.


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