Have patience

1145371556_4890Be patient with your training and goals in life. What you want today is not what you will always want, for things change in life, and life makes sure that we do change with it too. Train smart and one thing will lead to another. Just like it is in life, what you gain in an instant can be lost in an instant.

Have a little patience, invest in the long term, and create real value that lasts. Know how to halt your energy when your path has been altered by injury, take time and use it to focus on healing and getting stronger, for your body cannot be replaced when broken.

Be thankful that the good things take time to build. The time and energy you give are what make the good things worth having. Your mind is a wheel of thoughts that can never be stopped, it can only be given a direction.

Be graceful with life when you’re on a journey. For when you demand to have every desire met immediately, you end up with a whole lot of anxiety and frustration. Just because things are not going your way means you should turn your experience into pain. Have a little patience, allow life to unfold at a rich and sustainable pace, and enjoy fulfillment as it is created.

Hurrying deprives you of living. The point of life is to live it fully, not to rush through every little part.

You can’t achieve everything you dream of, but you will learn from everything you dream if you do not tangle yourself in knots and beat yourself up. Like a master, take a deep, slow breath, and remind yourself how fortunate you are already. Remind yourself too that being patient and composed is much more effective than being nervous and restless.

Don’t call or see everything as a battle. Live because thats the purpose of being alive. Today, in these circumstances, and every day, in every circumstance, have a little patience. And enjoy a rich, rewarding life.


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