Fight the hardest

Fight the toughest, run the hardest, dig the deepest, be passionate the most, and life will honor you for your will and spirit, for if there’s one person life loves to bless, that person is the one who stands a warrior wherever the day or the path may take him, the one who is ready to give his heart so joy and all that completes him may exist.

Remember not all battles are won through victory, when you fall short of your goal, live with the defeat for a day, learn from it, let it make you a little wiser, not bleed thinking of it, the sunset buries everything that we faced today, so rest with the nightfall and rise anew when the sun rises, and never kneel on yesterdays grave.

From one warrior to another I must tell you, in this life never fail to be strong, for strength is the spine of every champion and every warrior, without it, one will find it hard to rise from the rubles of defeat, or do anything and even worse fail to be himself.

Our life depends on it, so cease with spending your energy hanging on to what doesn’t take you to your horizon where your dreams awaits.

In your quests in life when struggles and challenges come together to attack and knock you down, rise humbly to to face them with a smile that says I’m going to clobber you and chew your carcass, but first you must reach within to find the roaring will in the depths of your heart to go another round, and even if hell breaks loose, when you fight a warrior triumph was made for no one but you, remember every damned day is a good day to be strong.


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