Don’t give up

Failure and defeat is not a reason to quit, if you have a dream and you’ve spent allot of energy and made a lot of sacrifice to seek it, but the results that you end up with is devastating and hard to bear, then where you are is just a ravine and what you’re facing is just a hill with flatter side on the other side. Never hate life when all it gives you is failure and defeat, nor it doesn’t mean to dream is bad, its just means you have to work more harder to make it happen, or like other who tend to allow their doubts and bitter experience overwhelm them and leave them weak.

The choice in all journey we take is simple you can sit down on the edge of the road and quit, curse God for the unfairness that’s in life, complain and cry about the failure and defeat that has been in every attempt and move you made, or you can summon your spirit like a wounded lion and embark to your quest more braver and determined than ever, have faith that fate will throw you something better – Believe in that.


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