Have a purpose

For me I’ve always believed that we awake each day for a purpose, not because we ended yesterday with defeat or storm that we could not control that left us with pain, and we want to revenge it.

We awake not to start anew but to move stronger and more determined from where we left, for we have unfinished business, a victory to achieve, find happiness and love, achieve joy that wont fade and also glorious moments that will bless us with peace of mind and a sense of triumph and confidence knowing each day we gave and still and we will always give our best in what we do or face.

Plant your feet in what you believe its your destiny, and stand firm with your spirit high till you achieve it, there’s a reason we made it to where we are, so my friend never waste your energy worrying or dwelling on things that went wrong in your life, and that reason gently whispers to us and it says – Move, Become.


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