Love again so you can live again

kYou cannot love again till you stop fearing, let go the regrets, blame and hate that you hold on to.

Your past your enemy, broken people have a habit of branding and seeing it that way, yet it is toothless. You mustn’t give it weight either for you’ll always feel it crushing your soul. Don’t cry about it either, for it has no voice to say sorry. Don’t curse it either, for it has no ears to hear you. The past did what it did so you can learn to be wise and strong and become who you’ve become.

What bites the most is none other than your own thoughts, for you’ve allowed bitterness to be contained in your heart, and that’s something you’ll always feel.

Theres so much to life than what we hold within. Choose to feel joyous and alive, and life won’t seem ugly to you. Today is a glorious day to love again. 


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