Wisdom of the Orkoiyot Kalenjin warriors


Anger is not something that folds us, its something we fold ourselves with it. Its something we choose to become when we’re afraid and forgotten the power of our strength.
When I was young about to become a warrior on the last day of passage when a boy becomes not a man but a warrior, there were eleven elders, ten from all dialects that makes Kalenjin tribe and one of them was a Maasai, on this last day each of the warrior to be will kneel for their last time in their life before any person to receive their blessing in form of wisdom from all elders. I remember one of the old wise elder said to me:

You’re going to grow and go through many things in life, but I want you to root these words in your heart and live by them till this heart stops beating for it will guide you well, remember we don’t only stop living when we die, but also when we become negative with our emotion that we root in ourselves, and that is a terrible death because you’re alive and not happy or free to be your true self.

From this day in all your life, thoughts and in your dreams, you’re forbidden to be angry, and when you feel it coming you must wake up as if it was a bad dream. Remember you’re in control, use to to feel, do, think things hat gives you victory. No matter what or who they are, never give this power to anyone..


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