A great hunter

When you want it most, never fight for it while expecting the worst. Like a true warrior, wrap your heart and soul in that spear you call strength. Go with brave confidence and a flooding determination, aim towards your goal with great faith, and whatever it hits, it will be yours to take.
A great hunter is what you must always see in yourself even when the sun has set and your hands are empty.

Sometimes even the mighty lion is not successful on a hunt, but it never change it from being a lion, nor take away its strength, dominance and roar, nor compel it to settle for a carcass next day.

From a lion, warriors we learn that hunger brings out a wise and a better hunter in us.

Be hungry first, and you will know how much you truly deserve something that shapes your life, and you will chase it like your life depends on it, for it truly does depend on it.

In the animal kingdom, no matter how tough sometimes things may get, the lion never easily lose its pride. We breathe the same air with this lion, with each breath we inherit greatness of a skilled hunter.

Tomorrow must never turn you into a hyena, for everyone will hate you, and saddest of all, no friends you will have.


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