When injured, be a warrior of inspiration and not a stubborn honey badger

achillesRunners have a habit of putting their entire life and happiness into running. Which leads to a lot of frustration and depression when they get injured. It is great to love one thing but it is also wise to give it an alternate life.

Because the human body doesn’t think long-term, of how this injury I’m compelling it heal in a short-term is going to affect me in 10 or 20 years.

It thinks on a very short-term solution, like I just want to do something that will make me survive today, or tomorrow or be able to finish this one race.

Be very careful with over loading your workouts because you may end up with bad mechanics.

Be very wise when it comes to what you put into your body, and what you put your body through.

Take time to heal, that means let go your long-runs, workouts and races you wanted to run, because you know it very well you’ll not be able to achieve your times with that wounded body. Time doesn’t change, only our mind changes because we have fear. Time will bring again this workout or race that you think you’ll miss, and when it comes back you’ll be better and healthy than the broken you that you’re today. Worry won’t solve anything. Being sad and depressed won’t solve anything. But if you embrace time to change things for a long-term, you’ll not only change things but also align yourself with the path of wellbeing and success. 

imgresYou can still inspire people even when you’re injured, showing up to the training group. Stretching with them. Catching up with them. You can be an assistant coach during this down time. You can sneak in a 10meters run just to push your fellow teammate who’s having a battle with their demon and choose to talk, encourage them to fight back. Let your presence be an encouragement to them. Even wait for them with bottles of water along their run. Take photos of them, make it fun by going up hill and take photos of the dying faces of agony which shows how much they hated that darn hill. Take photos of them while they were flying and smiling. You can up your skill too by learning to take perfect photos of them being airborne and even buy a telephoto lens that captures them from far away. Have a blog that talks of inspiration and how you’re doing with your recovery and the adventure you create on your inured time.. We can always do other great things with time, when we can’t have time to do what we’re used to do. Life doesn’t sucks after all is what you’ll realize.

Sometimes we look for inspiration when it is already in us. We become very sad because we seek it in wrong places.


Remember, passion has a way of leading us to suffering, what you do when you meet suffering determines if you will make it to the joyful place.


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