A warrior must never posses anger

Masai-warrior-at-sunsetMy friends always ask me if I ever get angry. Yes I do but my spirit will not let it last for a moment, it blows it like a candle, for there’s no victory and nothing good comes from that feeling. Warriors we are forbidden to posses such spirit.

Holding anger in your heart is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else – the universe will find a way to intervene and you are the one who gets burned.

We also believe that if you go to bed angry, you will wake up possessed tomorrow. The angrier you become, you start losing your soul and all that is joyful and meant to make you happy.

Why would one who wants to live a great life needs to act like a wounded animal?. There’s no joy when we are burning inside, only when there’s peace we become whole. It’s very tiring not to be yourself.


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