Look no further

When you believe in good, do good, think of good, see good, speak of good and live in the good way of life, when you go to sleep and say goodnight to those who have a room in your heart, a good dream you will dream, and if you strive to achieve it in the next day and beyond till it comes to life, it will change your life for good.

Like turning On the switch on a dark room. It’s not hard being good, it’s something you can simply choose to be, it’s more than a mindset, it’s who you are.

Remember to be grateful on each day that you get to live, and being utterly graceful after doing good even when the results doesn’t please you. Wherever you go, wherever you will be or stand always be who you are, not what’s cool or what others want you to be.

Your soul is the most calmest thing in your life, if it is peace you’re looking for, then look no further but within yourself where everything is good.. So be good to yourself and don’t forget to share your goodness with others, even if it is a gentle smile, it may light up their life, or make them feel like they’ve just saw an angel.


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