We’re all Gods

To me I believe we’re all Gods, because we come and shape life and leave when our time is up comes, then better Gods come in and do the same. But also there is plenty evil among us which spawns from our desires and concrete feelings that we’ve cemented ourselves upon which makes us hungry is so many different ways.

Just like it is in the scriptures, evil was not always there, it something that came to be because of the act of desire, just like we are. The rest that is life is something we cannot explain and waste of time if we camp upon it. We can only enjoy it and learn from it to shape what we can from the reflection of its beauty.

I don’t think we can ever fully understand each other because we’re growing and we’re always changing like life does. But we can accept, respect and love one another because there’s joy in it. Lets live and actually plant something that is tangible like tress, flowers, friendship and everything else that will forever feed and be there for those who will come after us.


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