Kiprunning sports massage #Shin splints

11219711_10207194337796127_6821807643642419048_nSee beneath between medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscle at the Gastrocnemius aponeurosis?. If you have shin splints, if you press that spot very deep enough. Like 15 – 20 pounds of pressure. You’ll be able to release it, but still you’ll need to get massaged all of the lower leg including the bottom of the feet. Avoid intervals and hill repeats or any speed workouts or long runs. Instead start running on soft grounds like soccer field on easy pace or jogging.

Since your mind will be telling you that you’re falling behind in training, try to be in control of that by not thinking that way, be graceful and wear many layers of cloths, begin with tights then track suit on top. Since sadness will be getting attracted to you, first thing to tackle it is not by eating what it tells you to. Ice cream, chips and junk food you should be aware and far away from them. When injured it is not to eat yourself out to feel better.

Understand self-control is weak when injured, acknowledge this and you will not succumb to what will make you struggle when you heal. Also get some acupuncture as much as you can. Stretch while doing a 5min contrast between hot water mixed with Epsom salt, then have another bucket that has ice water. And oh the hot water shouldn’t be like of to skin a chicken..haha

This shouldn’t take more than 1week to heal if you have the right therapist to work with. Also don’t expect it to heal in one visit. 3 to 5 in one week will do the magic. Remember, your body matters than the training or the races you’re worrying about. Be healthy first then you’ll train and run well.

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