Let them be who they love to be

Ok I’ve been asked a lot my thoughts about these three things so many times today. My answer to you who’ve been asking me about my warrior view of the white lady becoming black and Jenner becoming a woman. All I can say is We become what we love. Because love makes feel good than anything can. Hate makes us go away from what we don’t like.

For #CaitlynJenner leaving his/her manhood is something we can all agree that men are the reason the world is dying because of war, starvation and greed. So let her be because it’s who she loves to be for it makes her more than alive.

For the white Lady becoming black. It’s who she wants to be. Michael Jackson became white and to this day people still adore him even me too, in Africa, Asia and Europe they cherish him, not because he was white or black but because he was an inspiring human being who made us dance with energy and soul till our hips almost broke. If I adopt a Chinese or American child and raise him in my village in Kenya and only speak to him in Kalenjin (My Tribe) and he becomes fluent at it, It will not be the color of his skin he express himself but the language that comes from his soul and the villagers will accept him as one of their own. So let her be, because it’s who she loves to be for it makes her more than alive.

Whether someone is gay or lesbian, let them be because it’s what makes them more than alive. For in life there’s no greater peace than when you are what you want to be. You’re finally free when you quit pretending to be someone you’re not.
If you’re religious person, only preach and practice love for it’s what makes us human and be good to one another. Don’t go out judging people for that means you have so much hate than love in you. We don’t need to fight one another. If no one bothers you or holding something that shapes your life then let them be.

For some people success and freedom is becoming someone or something else, whatever they become is not your failure nor your business to cry, hate and waste your energy about. They have found themselves, you too will be wise if you knew and find yourself and respect others.

They are just like you and me who want to be who we want to be and be happy at it.
They know what love is, that’s why they adopt a child or a new lifestyle.

Just like you and me do when we want to change our past, is do something greater that will make us more than our past. See them with the same love they see themselves with. Have love and you’ll never go to war with anyone, cause love never goes anywhere to hurt, only hate does that.

Be kind to one another, for we are all leaves of the same tree. In a tree some leaves will be dark green and some will be light green and some will be brown and even orange, but no matter their color, size or look. We call them all leaves. They look different because of the position of the Sun, but all leaves always get to feel the warmth love of the Sun. A day will come that a leaf like you and me will grow bigger or look different from the others, but the others who grow on other branches don’t hate it. The tree is the life we have and us as leaves we have a responsibility to make it beautiful and grow as much as we can. Those who are tired of life always fall.

#cnn #kaitlynjenner #RachelDolezal


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