Your intentions are powerful and can do so much than you thought will happen.

You have greatness in you. Practice what you already know, it will be enough. You have a gift.

Life has many things for us, and the more we want more, stress will visit us often. Practice only one technique that makes you feel joy, it will be enough, just like you are in someones life.

You mustn’t take things for granted, and never let your emotions cloud your conscious of the warrior you’re within.

See every life as beautiful, have no judgment on one another for it hardens the heart and peace can never be found in a hardened heart.

Happiness is a choice, it is not wise to wait or seek it from someone to bring to you for it won’t be enough if they do, it is a gift that only you can create and give to yourself.

Beauty to be found everywhere, don’t only see it in your face but in your strength, your soul, your smile, where you live, your lifestyle and in what you do. Feel it, don’t look for it, for you may end up wearing a mask.

Stop and look around at all the blessings you already have. Be spirited and open yourself to possibilities by working hard. Don’t sit and hope for things to come, work relentlessly for them. Warriors we say; Victory belongs to those who wants it the most.


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