Go towards your dream like an attacking lion

In the core of every warriors heart glimmers desire for prosperity, and in the fiber of his spirit floods with courage, whatever is out there, whatever that you dream to achieve, the first steps must come from within you.

If your ambition steps on something that will make you fall in failure or defeat, gather yourself up and don’t just move on, but rise feeling advanced and with determination of a raging river that will only find peace when it finds its lake. Look at your feet..They point forward, that means you’re destined to go forward, not backwards.

Remember no matter how big the tree is, if it falls on the belly of the river, it will never stop the water from reaching the river. Don’t give up when challenges tries to discourage you, there’s always a way to make it there, sometimes you have to find comfort in discomfort, push beyond the edges of your limit, bleed and cry a little. When pain screams at you roar back at it. Listen to the voice within you that say WE CAN OVERCOME THIS, then go out swinging hard and roaring an attacking lion. Go for it like it’s all yours.


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