You are great

Never say you are not good at anything, if it is a dream that you have and you really want to achieve it becomes an immutable fate that you must follow its path, and whoever you think you are, you have no choice but to believe in it, follow it and hard for it, grasping unyieldingly to the brave spear of a determined and igneous spirit, for in life we’re destined to become what we make of our ourselves.

Things in life may always tough on you, and the attempts you have made to change them may have left you disappointed, it’s not that you aren’t good at anything, You are great at something; each and everyone of us was born for a greater purpose and a talent to harvest from it, but it is our responsibility to nourish our talent to achieve the dreams and success that we seek.

Sometimes you may have to go beyond your boundaries to find your destiny.
Sometimes you will have to withstand the pain, but above all no matter what physically and mentally you must always stay strong, for when we choose to be strong even if we’re stuck at the depths of despair, a glimmer of hope will rise like the sun at the break of the dawn, and a path will unravel.

Remember within us all stands beacon that defines us, a brave spirit that is not afraid to fight. From deep inside the unexplored talent its begging and yearning for your attention for it to blossom so you can conquer your quests and live the life you want.

Be you and nothing less than the best of you, unleash your innerself and roar with your guts and talent in whatever you set the eyes of your heart upon, be free from fear and doubts and when worse comes to worst the lion is never afraid to face the elephant… Remember that.


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