Warriors way

Listen my good friend, I’m going to teach you how to be a warrior. It’s what you think and do with yourself. If you understand and embrace my words you will find the path you seek, for it’s within you, and sometimes one needs light from the fire that others hold to light theirs.

In challenging times, a warrior must never feel far from the strength he always have when he’s happy and calm. Challenges are a way of life calling our name to see if we are still living, and to answer, you must answer with everything that makes you breathe, then roar with it with the strength of thunder.

A warrior does not cry, he sweats and bleeds for victory, no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he rises, for as long he who has life breathing in him. He does not belong to the ground.

Giving up is easy to do, but you mustn’t make it easy for yourself to alter the things you’ve worked so hard for, the days behind you should not be slapped by vain. Whether you’re behind in time, or crawling with pain, as long you can lift our head up, keep on moving.

If you’re lying face down and you can’t move a muscle, that’s when you know it’s time to succumb and live to fight another day . But the rest that tells you to give up while still standing is the voice of a coward called weakness, he wants to root regret and drown you in pain beyond that moment to the days to come.

Life let’s us exist because of the beauty of our strength, acknowledged this gift and you will feel like a warrior who shows up in a battle riding on the back of a lion.


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