Being a warrior is to be better


Oh look the Sun is about to gracefully set, which means it’s wisdom time 🙂
For today I’m going to share with you this words of an elder that he shares to a young warrior, which is all of us. And it goes like this; If you only knew how much of a warrior you’re needed to be in the future, you’ll never show weakness and put down your spirit which is your greatest weapon.

The present is a gift, to live it to the fullest is leading a battle which you must never betray. There’s a warrior ancient tale about us all that we’ve been sent to the past from the future, as a second chance to triumph and make things right so our future-self does not suffer. With this chance we must seize it and live with honor and do what we can to give life to what we were sent here to fulfill which our visions and dreams will show us everyday. So do not go where you came from with defeat, for you’ll have no other chance but spend the last of your breaths in regret, which is a demon worse than an attacking hungry lion. Whatever you for your future-self, do it as if your life depends on it, for the truth is…. It does. Don’t take things for granted my fellow warrior, for you don’t know how long you’ll have it.


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