Do whats best

Do what needs to be done, for there’s worth in them. But whatever it is, you shouldn’t do what will make you less of a great person that the future awaits to make us be. All this anger, frustration, emptiness and sadness is being belittling the warrior you’re meant to be.

Quit coiling up because of whats happening for your life may become like of a snake that’s chasing its own tail. Go on within you and find true strength so you can rise, and when you rise your spirit will stand with you, and where there’s spirit there’s will, and where there’s will theres a way, and where there’s a way one surely does make it to the top or to a life that is far and abundantly  better.

Take the way that sets you free, for where there’s freedom, joy and so much more that is great dwells there too. Remember this, Never live where you cannot breathe, for you will be dying slowly, and there’s nothing more painful in life than that.


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