Live like an angel

Find a way that never brings conflict and hurt on the lives of others.
Long time ago while sitting on a gentle fire beneath the night sky of waking shimmering stars with my great-grandfather, he said to me, Grandson, a time will come when you have fully grown. Within you will start to grow many, many desires that will sprout out hunger that will lead you astray if you seek to feed it.

if you go to its journey, you will get tempted to achieve something great that you can’t. An easy way that will demand you to hurt others will appear for you to follow it so you can easily have what you shouldn’t but you think it’s what you must. When that day comes, you must turn away swiftly and flee from it. For in life those who hurt others will also hurt themselves very badly.

With your hands, legs, thoughts, smile, and deeds, let none of them cause anyone harm. Be joyful, and always bring joy to the life of others. Live this way, and you will live your life-like an angel. it’s not much to ask, it’s what life should simply be.


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