Carry the name of your father with great honor

10684294_968921153148210_1795302251_nWarriors we’re demanded by our culture to be brave, for if we don’t we may bring forth cowardly sons. Even when you’re weak you children must never see it. Even when in pain or angry hide that part with a smile.

It’s not only your son you’re protecting but your name that you’ve passed down to him that must be carried with honor and cherished, because when you mention your last name, people see your father and your great ancestors in you, and they respect you as they respected your father and those he carries their name to live on this far.

Your name bares an ancient honor, do not do foolish things with it, be wise and brave with it. Build it to be greater than when you were given it, for there’s a blessing in it. Carry that name with courage knowing greatness is in your blood.


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