Piece of heaven

One day I will have a daughter to say to her and her wonderful mother these words. But before that day comes, here it’s for you if you, for great things we should say shouldn’t be only for those we love, but everyone in our life. So, from a warriors heart to a part of his life, here is what you must know of about you that no one knows how to say it.

You have the most wonderful soul on earth. The Sun rises to see your brave spirit, and the Moon searches for your face all night on all corners of earth just to have a glimpse of your astonishing beauty. The wind likes to feel your skin for your soul is warm.

The stars in the skies wishes you were one of them, but earth needed you to be it’s angel. You’re more than the moonlight. You are the universe. You are amazing, and a blessing to this life. So be strong as you are beautiful, and you will always be strong. For everything and many love you. You are a piece of heaven.


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