Live in the moment

In life there are three kind of people, Those who live in the dark, and those who chase the Sun, and those who live in the day. What I mean is. Those who live in the dark are there because they feel lost, after losing something or wounded by the past, and they don’t know how to move on, they are held back by something, it can be pain, fear or they have just given up.

Those who chase the Sun, are those who think of nothing but the future, they live life in a hurry, they are very and always busy and often find themselves frustrated, chasing something that they can never catch.

Those who live the day, are those who seize it and cherish it, and make the best out of themselves, those who are at peace, very joyful and happy with themselves.

You are in there somewhere, wherever you are, be here living beneath the day. Appreciate it, for it is the greatest thing that always comes to visit you bringing with it many gifts when you are awake to the moment you chose to rest.


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