Learn to take time off to heal when injured

Every runner has a reason, don’t be the one who has excuses, nor train in a manner that will ruin your body and career, and keep you away from doing what you love. To run well, you must be healthy first.

If you’re injured, training hard will cause you more harm than good. When you can’t run you can still do a lot to better your weakness and reason that brought you down.

In the animal kingdom, a wounded lion does not run, it rests and sacrifices all it can to heal. Don’t be posting pictures of lions yet you cry when things are not on your side.

Learn to roar in other parts of your life. Learn to be graceful in times of hurt. Learn to know when limping is not time to hunt. Goals can wait, races can wait, long runs can wait, tomorrow can wait, everything can wait.

Ignoring your health to chase an endless desire can cripple you. If you find inspiration in lions, then live like one, instead of being stubborn like a hyena. The elephant which is life can easily crush your dreams if you do not move out of its way with your stubbornness.


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