When going to hunt

10296777_10203934712267526_6704104857818520319_nWhen a warrior goes to hunt a lion, if it is one thing he never does, is holding anything back, for he knows he may not only lose his life, but his family will sadly lose him and everything that he exists in their life to offer.

Worst thing that will ever happen to you in your quest is because you were afraid of the opportunity. And the challenges got the chance to eat the life out of your best.

Always remind yourself, you’ve got only one chance to triumph, then charge upon it like your life depends on it. Remember, the lion will not hesitate to attack you, before it does, be the first one to roar at it than anything it has ever heard.

To us warriors, we use lion as a metaphor of the great things that can hurt and defeat us. When we look at things with this state of mind, we can clearly see how we have the heart to defeat them, if we can brave them like we’re about to lose our life. And in the end, this spirit always triumphs.


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