Sitting beneath a sad sky

37033-1920x1200The arrogance we have is that we think we own and control nature, but nature is something else that does not to be enslaved by man. It painfully bleeds and hardens from the cruelty we do to it. Deep beneath and high above it musters all of its anger. Then it storms, it brings out raging fire and blistering cold, raging floods and cruel draught, it shakes the earths shoulder in anger till what we thought we built strong comes crumbling down to smithereens. The pain and sorrow we’re left with when our homes gets destroyed by nature is nothing compared to what nature feels from what we do it.

We have replaced love with greed. We have lost touch even with oneself. We have become too weak and emotional, yet our spirit stands within us baffled why are we burying ourselves alive. We wake up to survive, living is something that has become a distant dream. We easily break and hurt, and made it hard and almost impossible to build and to be strong. We think about wars than feeding, educating and help one another build a better world.

We kill more animals, people, creating bullets and bombs, more than we planting trees. We are passionate about blaming others for our failures and how things are going wrong around us, yet we sit and do nothing about it.

Love was something that was never to be stood against, but we’re using it as a weapon to destroy others and bared others from loving one another because of their gender and color of their skin. We teach our children to believe in angels and made up stories to lessen their minds, instead of teaching them to believe in their parents, one another and loving each other. When we hide a gift for them under a pillow or beneath a port tree that got its life shortened so we can celebrate a certain day, our children will learn to love the mythical person and fairies than they love us. Be your children’s hero, warrior and champion. Be someone they will never forget or replace nor go far from when they grow up.

We are preaching, forcing and fighting for what we call God, but truth is we’re teaching one another to lose their minds, and forget to work harder and using their will to do good.

We expand every part of our life without being grateful and enjoying what we have achieved. We have designed ourselves to live a dying life, yet life is not that way, but only in our mind all the struggle we’ve made them a battle which we will never win. we will all die someday, the question is. Did you enjoy and had peace with your life, and did you bring joy and peace to others.

We have truly lost touch with living life to the fullest really means. This day was never meant to be or await us in the future, this day can only be lived today, here and now.

Be kind to one another, but above all love and be afraid of hurting others even yourself and life around you. Be humble and a compassionate warrior, because within it is our natural state of being.


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