I had an epic day

Today I ran Miracle Match Half Marathon. I’ve it in the past, where I finished 2nd in 2010, lost it with 3kilometers to go. and in 2014 I finished 9th with no training at all, I went kaput at mile 16, and from there on I had the longest run of my life. I don’t know how I finished, all I remember was the hallucinations I was having, and they were awesome. I think the will of never succumbing to my feelings is what kept me going. Thankful for the warrior training, that trained us to ignore weather, ignore pain but in doing so we must be conscious and in control.

I find it quite amazing how the body achieves what the mind believes. And uh’ Miracle Match is a race you must do, so you can never fear hills in any race ever in your life. If you can’t help yourself from complaining, this is a race to tame that weakness in you and make a warrior out of you. Did I mention the race director Nancy Goodnight is a piece of heaven, in American words I’ll say Down to earth person.

Since I met her she has always been the kindest to me. Nancy if you get a chance to read this, know that I am very grateful and thankful for you.. I remember finished second on MMM in 2010, I got a cash prize, which went to save my sister’s life, it was not much, it was everything I needed. My sister is alive because of you, if a day will ever come and I’m blessed to have a daughter I will name her after you. Now my sister’s heart is healthy and strong, and she has lived beyond the years the doctors said she would. I never liked running marathons, but when you have someone you really care for is hurting and you have no way to save them but run a marathon, there will be no other choice but to run, and die while at it if it comes to it than never to see them ever again.


Today you greeted me with t-shirts and running shoes which I’ll be donating to my village school through my Kiprunning Warrior Project. It was my hope to raise 300 pairs of running shoes by March this year, and I’m very close to that goal. I intend to change many lives of young children through running, for running is what gave birth to what I’ve become. I’ve become more than I ever wanted or dreamt, it will be very selfish if I don’t share my heart to those who need help that I’m capable of.

On my race today I was shown my weakness, something that I always look for in me so I can better it. Todays race was tough and amazing. Recent cold weather caused me to have some problem with my groin which made my ankles very weak. I took  days off to work on my flexibility, consciousness of every muscle that I use most by meditating, and doing treacherous restless training to regain the core strength. I had to scratch from the marathon, because I missed some of the key workouts that would have held me to finish strong the last 7 miles, had to be wise and opt to do the Half instead. I was very nervous about it all of the race day night, not about the race but how my groin will react when pushed for too long.

Had to switch my strides to shorter and quiet ones which I spent 40min practicing and engraving the feel of it in the mind. After a mile in the race all went well, the body was very relaxed and strong on the hills and flat, leaned forward, lowered the shoulders, swing the elbows with a purpose, control my breathing, eyes focused between 5 and 10meters on the ground, landed on the big and small toe at the same time, while pushing the ground from the hip.

10443535_10206021499315898_894036383903019540_nFrom mile 6 I had mastered the graceful posture. Now all I had to do was to tell myself I can win this, I can win this, a word to give every stride a rhythm. The hills were many and they were to a point they formed a mountain, but my spirit was enjoy it. Got lost a few time and that’s how I lost the race. I didn’t want to hurt myself going fast on downhills, because in 2010 it’s how I wrecked my hip and back, which left a ripple effect about going hard on downhills. Since I came back to running, in running and in life I’ve been reminding myself that: We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. For me, it is for discipline that sometimes I have to hold myself back even I enjoy the hurting of the pace. The journey of the warrior is a never-ending path and requires constant vigilance in order to continue to move forward.

To live the warrior lifestyle, these are truly your only two choices. You will take control of your mind and body, and discipline them to meet your goals, or you will find that somewhere down the line, you will experience the pain of regret and disappointment for not following through with your goals. It’s that simple.

This is a form of delayed gratification. Either you discipline yourself now for future rewards, which you will be proud of and which will mold you into the person you want to be, or you live foolishly, only doing whatever your mind and body dictate to you, and pay in the future when you find your goals have never come to fruition.

It is up to you to decide what the future holds for you. To remove a mountain one must begin by carrying away small stones. My mountain is still big, and each day I’m removing the small stones one at a time. One day there will be no mountain, but life may change and I might find myself doing something else, but running will always be in my blood, for it’s what brought me this far in life.

10429857_10206027207578601_5599365801735398288_nToday’s run was for more than racing, it was a run for Akash, a fallen warrior, a beautiful son of a great friend of mine. Wrote his name on the back of my bib, so I don’t feel alone, and that I could have a friend in spirit every step of my way. His spirit was with me when the hills were tough and when I couldn’t push no more. I know this because my body is not sore at all, it feels like I didn’t run today. I hope someday soon to plant a tree that bears his name back in my village in Kenya. In my tribe planting a tree is the highest honor to remember a warriors life.

Now, I must focus on my training for the Austin Marathon and Little Rock Marathon. Its been awhile since I dedicated to pour my heart and soul into something. Warriors we’re taught to always be in training, and to some extent, at some level of consciousness, training is always on our mind. We should never fail when it comes to learning from and about our body, because training gives us good health and victories of many kinds. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, but you must never be broken down by your loss. Learning is also winning so perhaps, if we look closely, we are always winning something.


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