Invest in your future

Before your agility abandons your body because of aging. Use it now to the fullest, and to build something that will outlive you.

It is easy to get caught up in life worthless battles with others. You must’nt allow your existence be a passing waste of time and ability. Spend each day well because it may be your last. Enjoy being with those who means much because in the end they’re your true joy. Give strength to what shapes your life, so it can never fall on you. Give life to your dreams, so can have a peaceful home and a life that inspire and help others. Give all to everything that will benefit your future, and your future-self will be proud and thankful to you.

Live a noble life if a warrior is who you want to be remembered. Or you can chose to live a miserable life if a poor and wounded man is what you want to be remembered. The choice is yours, but remember, the future is coming and it will be very cruel to you if have no strength or anything that supports you. My friend, the journey ahead is far too vicious than anything you complain about or have ever gone through.

Invest in your life, health and family so you don’t find yourself  alone with regret in battle with debt or something you can’t defeat. Invest on whats most important so a wonderful and peaceful ending of your journey will be.


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