I see all I want

When I look into your eyes, I see the world that holds the future I’m dying to grow old into.
I see a piece of heaven that I was born to be with.
I see a place of no anger, no misunderstanding, no regrets, no pain and all that defeats a warrior.
I see strength, courage, joy, peace and happiness that I don’t have.

When I look into your eyes, I see a wonderful place where your heart meets your soul,something shining so bright like the star which gives light to all that hangs in the heavens wide and deep above.
I see love that I want to live with, for you are that one beautiful shinning star that illuminates my life.

Now go say this to her, because she deserves to know each day why she is and what is in your life.

Like the witty and wise words of my great great grandfather, he said: The moon always brings all the stars to thank the Sun, and the sun never leaves without giving them something to smile about. Don’t believe God is man, God is everything that’s fills you with all when you give it your best all days of your life, learn to see that everything in your love and good that you do to others, also in your will and in a woman by cherishing her and you’ll have your heaven.

Don’t spend this life away from that, for hell is just next door. But remember, you can only have that life and many wonderful days in it if you both create it, one hand does not build a house. Love them and treat them as today is your last day on earth, and you’ll live a noble life


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