How does one live an inspired, passionate life?

When I used to be a professional athlete, I relied on others for support and encouragement. In times when faced with injuries I was often hard on myself, and when I’d lose a race I felt even horrible, because the voices that bashed me were the loudest. As an athlete I believe we’re meant to use what’s thrown unto us to motivate us.

Because of paying attention to what’s been said of us, we often forget to be ourselves, to count on our training, and have faith in all that we do so we don’t feel alone or hurt.

All this pressure we put in ourselves is being selfish to ourselves and sacrificing the gift. Use your gift to inspire others, to not forget how to be strong and handle whatever may arise. Live an inspiring life by being passionate and connected to your work.

If you don’t know how to begin. First thing I would say is every time you make an excuse and blame something or someone else, you’re giving away your power.

The second thing I’d say is beneath every excuse lives a fear. Work on moving through that fear and release your excuses.

Number three: work is one of the most important things in your life, so no matter what you do, work at a Warrior level. It’s one of the greatest secrets of fulfilment and happiness.

Fourth, I’d say the old model of leadership and fulfilment is broken, lead without a title. Start with yourself, you can’t find the time to lead and inspire other people if you’re de-inspired. Find the time to expose yourself to great food, great art, great conversations, great running group, great environment, great beauty so that you enjoy the process of life.

Lastly, I believe a life without impact and contribution is a very empty life, so use your life to make the world better.

Remember my friend, there’s something magical about sticking to your dream, longer than anyone thinks you have a right to stick to that dream. Not only people will try to discourage you, but life will test your faith everyday. Your faith is most important gift you have, that’s why everyone and everything wants to take it from you. Don’t gamble with your faith, for if you lose it, you’ll lose a great fortune. 


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