When in a relationship, try to have a physical and spiritual relationship. When I say spiritual I don’t mean religious. I mean working and doing things together, like traveling, cleaning, dance, talk about life, cooking, exploring and supporting one another hopes and dreams. When a relationship is physical and spiritual something great that will never age starts to exist. but if you have one side is like having a body without a soul.

Religion tells us to trust in the LORD, I say trust in LOVE, communicate, respect, cherish, be a savior, have patience in one another because all things that is in successful path requires patience and hard work,  see each others beauty in each others soul, be each others best friend and strength, and life will be wonderful each day.

Remember it is not wise to fall in love, only grow in love. Even your goals, have a spiritual and physical relationship with it, because the will needs the the body and spirit to stand as one.


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