Love one another

Most religious people have been taught and raised to believe that the world is going to end, sad part none of them live as if its going to end and live each day as if it is their last. Be selfless, for me I believe Jesus was person who taught others to be selfless, but sadly these days Churches are getting bigger and bigger, preachers are getting richer and richer turning the church into an ATM or slot machine.

For the world to understand love that religion teaches I think that can easily be achieved if everyone who believes the world is going to end soon to share their wealth as it is commanded in their scriptures, to give all so they can be selfless like they yeah to be. I think the world will be a better place if we can all be monks, for there will be plenty of wisdom to share and peace everywhere. These days there are a lot of people who are only compassionate and not acting like it, you can tell someone that you are hungry but the only thing he can tell you is that God bless you and that God will see you through without giving you even a single cent to buy food for your survival.

Warriors we’re only afraid of losing one another, and even if that unfortunate day comes, we celebrate it by telling stories and singing songs about them and talk and reflect how much we loved them and not be sad and make belief of afterlife. We can only know and cherish life and ourselves because thats all we have. Lets be friends in need and not in greed. Above all lets not hate or fear life, lets enjoy our time here with one another, lets love those and what we have for God is in them. Lets meet God in one another by being good and loving to them, rather than love and be good to something that we do not see or meet.


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