Orkoiyot- monk warriors

Orkoiyot monk warriorsNot so long ago back In Kenya there used to be Warriors like me called Orkoiyot, in English the name can be translated to Monks of the Kalenjin tribe. Gatherers of wisdom, medicine, history and so much more that gave life to peaceful and benevolent lifestyle to the villages we hail from and other communities that touched land with us. Like me and better than me, spending time teaching about living a graceful, compassionate and hard-working life was all they lived for. To teach like them I say, whenever we can, it is not begging we should ask for in difficult times, but show our giver of life what the gift he breathed unto us that became our will can do when its put to use.
We have to remind the gods that mankind was never a mistake and we haven’t forgotten how to be kind.
We can use all that does not go our way to be thoughtful and alter our ways.
To build for more than ourselves, but for generations to come.
To live well and coexist with one another, and leave them and here better than we found it. In this life, we’re responsible and destined for so much than achieving our goals and dreams.


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