Finally the Kiprunning warrior logo is here

10606458_10205633784183262_8487296619521098320_nThe chanting warrior with a shimmering spear made from the piercing rays of the Sun chasing his destiny. Thats what the logo stands for.
But the story comes from the ancient past of my lineage, to describe half of its meaning. Let me give it a shot if I could remember it all, and so it goes like this. A warrior knows he must run so can make it there faster.

He knows wherever he goes, he must always be ready for any battle.
When he goes to hunt, what he gets is not his to keep, but for those who are hungry and depends on him.
His life is more than his
Just like the day of his birth, all the days of his life he must see, treat and give himself to others as gift.
Wherever life sends him, he must go.
Whatever life gives him, he must embrace it.
Whatever challenge may arise, he must brave it.

A loved spear is the one that is swift and never misses, and when it lands it always lands straight and not flat like a snake.


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