Live the present

You havent seen your future yet, so don’t build walls around you and be sad of what has happened to you in the past. The past was just the beginning, and a place where wisdom hails from, what you have lived is not the destination where you should leave your hope, strength and heart.

The present is where you choose what to live with and live for. Today we can greatly rise and change many things to the way we wish and dream they could be. Whatever it is, live what is in your heart, and not what was planted in your mind by your past.

Like a tree uses its roots to strengthen itself to grow even stronger, and bravely withstand the weather. The past can strengthen us too to grow stronger and gracefully withstand many things that may come.. Remember the future wants us stronger, also being strong its the greatest gift we can live each day with.

Bless yourself and you will never fall in your knees and beg the heavens for strength.. It is the warriors way to live and follow his way, and not the way his losses compels him to follow. Strength is all within, you must never betray it when you get knocked down.


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