Live and run brave

When I used to run fast, a lot of things used to flood my mind. When warming up before the race and when standing at the starting line was a very intimidating time. A little doubt can strip you all the hard work you instilled in yourself to get there.

You can easily lose a race before it even began. In moments like those is when you need to be brave than ever, for me I used say to myself, if you want to beat them, do not be afraid of them.

You’re here to win, honor what you came here for. Start a warrior, finish a champion… And it always worked even when I didn’t win, I ran and gave my best and was humbled and proud of my will.

If you’re going to race this weekend, you must’nt get intimidated by others for you will doubt yourself, and when you doubt yourself, you will have a terrible and very painful race. You will feel alone although you’re surrounded by people some of them cheering you.

The reason you feel alone is because your heart and soul are not working together, and when they’re not working together there will be no will. And when there’s no will, even slowest of pace and smallest of hills will feel very painful, and thats when cursing, questioning why you’re there, regretting and hating your life begins to torment you.

How do I know this?.. … I’ve been there and it sucked the poor life out of me, I even hit the wall but I managed to scoop myself to the finish line. Now that you understand it, save yourself from facing this hell by running and feeling brave.


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